May 2 – Dorothy and Ted – Ionia County

Magic happens outside the comfort zone.

Starting with the first day they served in the role of foster parents, Dorothy and Ted went outside of their comfort zone accepting placement of a youth who is a pre-teen into their home. Although the family has faced challenges, ups and downs, they have learned that growth, inspiration, and love comes as a result of overcoming those challenges. Dorothy and Ted are advocates for the youth in their care and encourage him to work towards his greatest potential ~ which they see as endless!

Genuine support.
Dorothy is an excellent communicator with her workers and support services always making sure everyone is aware of the plans in the home and asking questions that are important to the children and youth in the home. She is able to make decisions from a global perspective and both parents open up their hearts not only to the child and youth placed in their home, but their siblings as well.

Making an impact on so many lives.
There are too many great examples and demonstrations of Dorothy and Ted’s dedication to fostering from facing challenges during the initial licensing process to current placements. Ted and Dorothy truly have a love for children and their experience surpasses many having run a licensed childcare home for over 25 years. This is demonstrated in their home by the handprints of every child that has been cared for lining the stairs to their basement. The handprints are symbol of how many little minds they have taught, knees that have been mended, and hugs have been given in their home. Recently, their Licensing Worker received a message from the Dorothy and Ted sharing that they celebrated their year anniversary of their first placement with ice cream, and new handprints on the wall. They also provided their son in foster care with his Lifebook that they created.

Thanking those who made a difference in our lives.
Ted and Dorothy’s licensing worker recalls that “…on days that are cloudy, I think of families like the one Dorothy and Ted have created and they inspire me to continue this work because truly it is families like theirs that help heal the trauma our foster children face by simply providing a