May 10 – Ann and Peter – Lapeer County

Creating bonds that last a lifetime
A true definition of dedication, Ann and Peter truly have a heart and a passion for children in Foster Care. From their first placement, Ann and Peter jumped into fostering with both feet. Always ensuring that the children in their care are present for parenting time, they communicate with care and compassion to the parents regarding the children’s needs. Ann and Peter value the importance of family and often go above and beyond to ensure that the parents also make it to appointments and visitations. Recently Ann made it possible for the children to visit their youngest sibling at the hospital after she was born.

Ann and Peter provide support and work together with service providers so that the children maintain contact with their mother and grandmother while advocating for weekly phone calls and visitations. The family promotes and encourages creativity in their home and regularly helps the children make crafts for their parents. Ann and Peter promote a healthy lifestyle by making sure the children are involved in enrichment activities such as a gym class at the local recreational center, not only helping them to be healthy individuals, but allowing them to have fun and build long lasting friendships.