May 9 – Carolann and James – Oakland County

The stories that are told
Carolann and James are foster parents who have provided a loving and caring home to many children over the last 20 years.  In addition to supporting the children in their care, Carolann and James are committed to supporting birth families in the reunification process. They often assist with transportation, groceries and household needs. Most recently, Carolann and James assisted in caring for a sibling group of three. Carolann and James welcomed not only the children, but their father as well, to family dinners and holidays and have stated that  they will always be “a part of their extended family”.
In their own words
Carolann and James state being foster parents, “is loving children”. James states that he had a loving step-father who showed love to him, “tho’ he was not born to him”.  Carolann and James are committed to providing a loving and supportive home to children in Michigan.  Their first responsibility is to give, not receive and to do the work that they have been called to do.