May 5 – Jolynn Hansberry -Macomb County

Unconditional love for children.
As a foster parent, Ms. Hansberry has found one consistent truth. Like all children, children in foster care want to feel loved. Ms. Hansberry works tirelessly to protect the children in her home from harm, provide a safe and secure home, provide nutritious meals, and support every child and youth in the achievement of their dreams. Yet, with all of these efforts to show children in foster care that they are loved, Ms. Hansberry recognizes that much more is needed for them to feel loved. Her goal is for the children and youth in her home to be happy, feel important, and loved without any thought for what she might get for herself. Unconditional love. Most recently, she relocated to a new home and that move was done in order to give the young ladies living with her their own bedrooms and space. Ms. Hansberry expected nothing for herself in return for the move, yet recognizes the joy expressed by the youth as a reward more meaningful than most others.

It is our differences that make us unique. And, beautiful.
Ms. Hansberry has an organic sense that understanding children and youth, for who they truly are, is one of the most important things that she can do as a foster parent. The process of learning to understand each individual characteristic of each child and youth, as well as what those characteristics mean, is a rewarding and challenging charge. Ms. Hansberry considers each child’s habits, mannerisms, and patterns of behaviors. She then strives to learn more about each characteristic and secures help from others, when a need is identified that she is unable to understand. Ms. Hansberry’s efforts have led to her effectively guiding and nurturing each child and youth as they grow and mature, while always bearing in mind that everyone has unique personality traits that remains consistent throughout life. These are the personality traits that make Ms. Hansberry, as well as the children and youth in her home ~ beautiful.