Kalkaska County PRIDE Schedule

Referrals can be made by using the MDHHS-5619Referrals for Kalkaska County should be emailed to


June 2020 – Online
Date Sessions Covered Start/ End Time
June 2 (Tuesday) 1 9-11:30 am
June 4 (Thursday) 2 9-11:30 am
June 9 (Tuesday) 3 9-11:30 am
June 11 (Thursday) 4 9-11:30 am
June 16 (Tuesday) 5 9-11:30 am
June 18 (Thursday) 6 9-11:30 am
June 23 (Tuesday) 8 9-11:30 am
June 25 (Thursday) 7 9-11:30 am
June 2020 – Online Hybrid

*Please note that we are offering these dates as a hybrid class, meaning that much of the classwork and discussion will be done online, outside of Zoom meetings. The 5:30-9pm time slot is reflective of this, meaning that we will not be spending 3.5 hours “in class” every night, but you will have additional assignments that you will be required to complete between classes. This is meant to provide extra flexibility for varied scheduling needs, as you will be able to complete your assignments at whatever time is most convenient for you. If you do not have a computer or do not feel comfortable using an online format like this, please choose a class that is not listed as hybrid. 

Date Sessions Covered Start/ End Time
June 1 (Monday) 1-2 5:30-9 pm
June 4 (Thursday) 3-4 5:30-9 pm
June 8 (Monday) 5-6 5:30-9 pm
June 11 (Thursday) 7-8 5:30-9 pm


Kalkaska District Library

247 Cedar St. Kalkaska, MI 49646