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Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent

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5 Easy Steps to Become a Foster Parent
5 Steps to becoming a Foster Parent 
​  CALL A NAVIGATOR. Call our Foster Care Navigators at 855-MICHKIDS to get started. Navigators are experienced foster parents who can answer all of your questions, help you find an agency near you and provide guidance along your journey to becoming a foster parent. Use our Agency Checklist as a guide to choosing an agency that’s right for you.
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  ATTEND AN ORIENTATION. The comprehensive orientation will not only review guidelines, but help illustrate what you can expect as a foster parent. Agency representatives will be happy to answer all your questions during the orientation.
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  COMPLETE THE APPLICATION. After orientation, the agency you selected will provide you with a licensing application packet. In general, the application steps are:
  • Schedule fingerprinting with your licensing agency. Complete the Licensing Record Clearance Request BCAL-1326 form and take it with you to get fingerprinted.
  • Complete the foster home licensing application.
  • Submit your application and fingerprinting clearance form to your licensing worker.
  • Complete medical records for the entire family.
  • Complete any other requested paperwork with your licensing worker.
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  PARTICIPATE IN A HOME EVALUATION. Before welcoming a foster child into your home, you must pass an on-site home evaluation performed by the licensing agent. The agency you selected will meet with your family several times for on-site home visits and interviews. After you attend orientation and submit your application, your agency will schedule your first home visit.
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  ATTEND FREE TRAINING. Agencies will help you schedule PRIDE training. PRIDE, or Parent Resources for Information Development and Education, offers valuable information to make sure you are ready to become a foster parent. Every licensed foster parent needs to complete 12 hours of PRIDE training. Once you are licensed, you have 18 months to complete an additional 12 hours of PRIDE training.