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What is foster care

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What is foster care?

The State of Michigan is in need of caring individuals who can provide a safe and nurturing home environment for children who have been placed out of their home due to abuse or neglect. Foster care is founded on the premise that all children have the right to physical care and educational and emotional nurturance. The family foster care program is designed to provide a substitute family life experience for a child in a household that has been approved and licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services or by a private agency contracted with the state to provide foster care. Children may need foster care for a temporary or extended period of time. The primary goal during foster care is to reunite the child with his or her parents. The foster family plays an important role in the treatment plan for the child and family. Under the “team” approach, foster parents or relatives, together with the worker, attempt to provide the specific kind of help a child and his family need for reuniting the child with the parents. When the child cannot be reunited with the parents, the children are prepared for permanent placement, with relatives, the foster family or non-related adoptive families. For older youth, the permanency goal can sometimes be preparation for independent living.

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