May 11 – Wendy and Charlie – Livingston County

A Challenge Worth Taking
When Wendy and Charlie made the decision to become foster parents, they never imagined that they would receive news that they were licensed and be asked to take their very first placement on the same day!  Without hesitation, Wendy and Charlie were up for the challenge.
From the very start, Wendy and Charlie  did an amazing job working with the children’s mother in reunification efforts.  They provided support to the children by making sure they participated in activities to support all of their needs such as counseling, Alateen, and tutoring. They communicated with the workers well and quickly became part of the team. Wendy and Charlie have attended several foster parent events and have been on multiple PRIDE panels for new foster parents. Their licensing worker states that Wendy and Charlie “have been a wonderful addition to our county”.  For Wendy and Charlie, becoming foster parents was a challenge worth taking.  The family provided time, energy, love and guidance, with the hopes of making a difference in the lives of the children placed in their care. Recently plans changed and Wendy and Charlie made the decision to proceed with adoption of the children. They are looking forward to continuing to focus on the girls needs and taking on all of the exciting challenges to come.