May 12 – Jeanne – Tuscola County

Enjoying the Journey
Being a Foster Parent has many emotional rewards.  As a foster parent, you have the opportunity to  help children have better lives and the stability they’re seeking. Even if you only have a child for a few months, foster parents have the ability to teach lifelong lessons and set positive examples for how healthy families should function.  This is how Jeanne approaches being a foster parent. Jeanne has been a licensed foster parent since 2009.
Over the years, she has had a total of 20 placements. Jeanne currently has 5 young children in her home. All of the children in Jeanne’s home require extra love and support. Jeanne does an excellent job of multi-tasking and dividing her time to care for the children. Jeanne has demonstrated extreme patience and is a very kind-hearted, loving woman. She is a support to other foster parents and  a vital asset to the community. When we asked Jeanne what being a foster parent meant to her, she replied, “Being a foster parent is AMAZING…and the progress keeps me going”.