May 13 – Josh and Lyndsay – Huron County

So Much Love to Give
Josh and Lyndsay are a young couple who have a lot of love to give. For Josh and Lyndsay, the thought of caring for foster children wasn’t limited to any boundaries, they knew only one thing, how to love and take care of children. Josh and Lyndsay have been described by their licensing work as, “foster parents who are patient and loving towards each child that they welcome into their home”. They ensure that every child feels as though they are loved, wanted, and treat them as a part of their family.
Josh and Lyndsay have gone above and beyond by helping to supervise parenting time and being positive mentors to the biological parent. They are excellent role models of the skills and nurturing that is taught through the Pride Classes. Whether young or old, there are challenges that foster parents face. Josh and Lyndsay did not let these challenges deter them from becoming licensed. Once Josh and Lyndsay made up their mind to approach this new chapter, they jumped in with both feet and didn’t look back. Josh and Lyndsay are dedicated to being the best foster parents they can be and are committed to giving children a chance in life.