May 14 – Cherrissa McCollough – Oakland County

Cherrissa has been a foster parent  for five years.  She can best be described as extremely energetic, kind and funny, all of which are great qualities for a foster parent to have. Cherrissa is committed to making changes in the lives of children in care and recognizes that being in foster care can profoundly affect a child’s mental health and ability to interact with others. The more changes they experience, including changes in caregivers, the more likely young children are to develop behavioral problems. Keeping this in mind, Cherrissa obtained specialized training when she began fostering in order to foster children with more extensive behavioral needs.
Cherrissa has maintained a stable home for her current placement for approximately 2.5 years, which has offered this child the longest and most stable placement she has had since entering care.  Cherrissa truly believes in encouraging the children in her home to reach their full potential by helping them to learn self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem solving skills to work toward a successful future.