May 16 – Ayana and Paul – Oakland County

Foster, Adoptive, Biological, Loving, and Dedicated Parents
Ayana and Paul are parents who show patience when children outwardly display anger or pain.  They are parents who work to build on the strengths of all children in their home and see willfulness as a characteristic that will lead to a path of self-motivation.  Ayana and Paul teach unconditional love when a member of their family internally struggles with trauma, sadness, or fear.  Paul and Ayana are parents.  They are nurturing and loving adults who provide care to the children in their home without regard to DNA or background. ​
In the home and in the community
Paul and Ayana recognize children for their unique selves.  Along with this recognition comes a constant shifting in the way they as parents think about child development, as well as the way they communicate with and provide support for children in the home. This parental awareness and confidence opened up a new way of acting on the behaviors they as parents’ experience in the home – Ayana and Paul treated each behavior as a learning opportunity.  As parents, Paul and Ayana learned how to best reduce power struggles and instead instill hope, determination, and pride.  Learning was so instrumental in their home, Ayana now serves in a leadership role within the educational community.
Ayana and Paul are committed to providing each child in their home with the tools needed to grow, love, and thrive. As parents, they embrace the slow process and setbacks of raising children, while celebrating the rewards that exceed the effort.