May 19 – John and Erin – Calhoun County

Grief and loss
Foster parents are taught about the feeling children may experience and express related to the loss of their families of origin when removed from the home. Foster parents are often education on the grief cycle and the most effective ways to help children manage throughout each stage.  Yet, rarely is the same level of knowledge shared as it relates to the grief and loss birth parents experience as a result of their children being removed from their care.  Erin and John are parents who provide care and support to the children residing in their home on a foster care basis, as well as the biological parents of those children.
Change that lasts a life time
John and Erin practice shared parenting, which has proven to heighten the self-esteem and parenting skills of the birth parents. They do this by transporting, three times a week, for birth family visits, providing words of support and encouragement, as well as using compassionate responses to family members of origin when disagreements present. Their investment in the birth parents is a testament to John and Erin’s true dedication to the long term well-being of the children who they foster.  Erin and John don’t just positively impact the lives of the children in their home for a brief moment in time – their impact lasts a life time.