May 17 – Sheena – Macomb County

Fostering sibling connections
Sheena is a parent who is committed to promoting the development, sense of self, and safety of each child residing in her home.  She accomplishes this goal through the use of affection, cooperation, and faith.  Sheena also values relationships that benefit the children for whom she cares for on a daily basis.  She recognizes that one of the most significant relationships children have is with their sibling.  Sheena knows that through the years, no bond is typically longer, stronger, or more comforting than that between siblings—especially those who are separated from other birth family members through foster care. Fortunately, Sheena is sensitive to the additional challenges children separated from their siblings face and has helped keep them together and connected in her home!
Making life a fun experience
Sheena is a parent who fosters and believes in creating an environment full of fun and emotional empowerment for the children in her home.  She embraces the emotional reward of seeing the children in her home learn, reach each new developmental milestone, and accomplish tasks that were seen at one time seen as impossible.  Sheena truly teaches children lifelong lessons and sets positive examples of what loving relationships look like.​