May 20 – Tammy and John – Wayne County

Managing, changing, and supporting feelings
It’s pretty common for people to be uncomfortable in emotionally charged situations, in general. In the role of parents who foster and adopt, John and Tammy are managing, dealing with, and supporting the myriad of feelings expressed by the children residing in their home.  As dedicated parents they do not make attempts to change or control children’s feelings, but rather focus on communicating to the child that their feelings are heard, respected, and taken seriously.  Tammy and John spend time helping each child in the home sort out their feelings, as oppose to trying to “fix” the situation or make the feelings go away.  Their parenting style creates a safe, supportive emotional environment that’s needed for each child to learn to express their feelings in healthy ways.
Being our best selves
John and Tammy encourage the children in their home to be who they really are, through the expression of feelings, interests and unique qualities.  They nurture the organic qualities children inherit from their birth families.  Tammy and John have made it their priority to ensure the children in their home become their best selves!​