May 22 – Bradley and Mandy – Oakland County

Continuum of contact
Mandy and Bradley provide a valuable service in helping families through temporary difficulties and meeting the needs of children in a time of crisis and change.  They are parents who foster.  They have been a continuing presence in the lives of the children residing in their home.  Bradley and Mandy are the ones who are most familiar with the children’s personality, emotional and intellectual development because they are providing care 24 hours a day.  As foster parents, they recognize the powerful significance of that information and willingly share it as they work closely with the social workers/agency, participate in meetings about the children, and communicate with the biological parents.
Closing the gap
Bradley and Mandy are the main source of information about how the children in their home are adjusting to the separation from their family of origin, interacting with other children, and/or performing in school.  Even more important, they are a primary source of support for the children in their home. By building positive healthy relationship with the children in their home, Mandy and Bradley help build the children’s trust in adults. This has helped them prepare the children for changes in their lives and most recently directly contributed to a successful and supportive reunification!
Bradley and Mandy collaborated with other foster parents of siblings, social workers, the children in their home, as well as their siblings, and the birth parent to define and maintain relationships, before and after reunification, that were in the best interest of the children while ensuring safety for everyone involved.  As they bridged the gap between themselves and the biological parent through these established relationships, Mandy and Bradley also bridged the gap between the children and their family members of origin.  Mandy and Bradley​ created opportunities for the social workers, peer foster parents, and the biological parent to work together in enhancing the lives of children – they are all perfect illustrations of the good that is needed within the foster care system!