May 23 – Matt and Sheryl – Lenawee County

A purposeful life
Many monumental moments in the lives of Matt and Sheryl have been as parents to biological, foster, and adoptive children.  They are the parents who focus on the milestones (e.g. family, relationships, meaningful work, education, adventure), not maintenance (e.g. mowing the yard, worthless meetings, pushing paper).  When lives are reflected on, the milestones are the things that stand out.  The milestones are the things that generate feelings of pride, while the maintenance just fades into the background.
Sheryl and Matt have created milestones for themselves, as well as so many others.  They are parents who move forward and take action, even in the face of fear or uncertainty.  They have demonstrated this skill each of the 30 times, they provided placement for a child or youth in foster care, when having biological children, and throughout the adoption process.  Matt and Sheryl remained focused on meeting the individual needs of the children and youth in their home, without hesitation, and especially when providing care to teens that organically have ever changing emotional and physical states which require the help of others.
The milestones and purpose found within Sheryl and Matt’s own home, have also been created in the community.  Sheryl also serves as the President of the Lenawee Foster and Adoptive Parenting Association (FAPA), which educates, supports, and empowers parents who foster and adopt.  These accomplishments are achieved through monthly trainings, annual activities, and respite assistance.
Matt and Sheryl’s family is made up of relationships developed to ensure everyone’s most important needs get met. Everyone works hard to maintain positive connections, good communication, and creative management so that the focus remains on the positive milestones in each person’s life!​