May 24 – Debra and Larry – Grand Traverse County

Unpredictable events
All families face challenges, disruptions in the “life plan”, and crisis.  It is the response to those challenges and crisis that determines the path moving forward.  Debra and Larry responded to challenges within their family by serving in the role of relative caregivers who foster.  For generations, extended families have played significant roles in rearing children when parents are having a difficult time.  Larry and Debra have created this family dynamic, which has allowed for their family member to be cared for in a familiar setting, live with people he knows and trusts, as well as reinforces his self-esteem.
Rising to the occasion that is life
Debra and Larry adjusted their daily life in order to focus on establishing sustained patterns of caring and responsive relationships with the child family member residing in their home.  They focused on creating wellness routines and practices, which help each family member to manage emotions and promote trust through predictability.  Larry and Debra have continued with family traditions, reinforced and created new positive memories, as well as have supported the building of healthy relationships between family members where everyone feels and is safe.  Debra and Larry recognize the importance of the role they play as licensed relative caregivers – it is in this role that they are supporting their family member’s social/emotional development, communication skills, thinking skills, play skills, and teaching the skills he will need to reach his full potential!