May 25 – Mici and Kevin – Montcalm County

Commitments and flexibility – the balance
Often parents are told to be consistent so that children may know what to expect. When Mici and Kevin committed to being licensed foster parents they anticipated some changes that are organic to the role of parents who foster.  They were realistic about the demands of serving as temporary caregivers of children and youth in the foster care system.  Throughout their five years of fostering and ten placements, they quickly learned there would be many changes to their well thought out plan of what life would look like as parents who foster.  Kevin and Mici soon began to see flexibility as a means to being open to new possibilities!
volution of the parental role
Mici and Kevin, who are parents, became parents who foster, parents who adopt, and parents who support family reunification.  With each role added, came the fear of the unknown and that tickle in the stomach questioning if the best decisions were being made.  Kevin and Mici never let that fear take over or lead to controlling their decisions.  They trusted their own abilities when they increased their license to accommodate a sibling group.  They have faith in the biological family members of their children who are adopted, each time they all have contact.  Mici and Kevin believe in change each time they mentor biological parents through the process of reunification.  They are parents, mentors, supporters, and advocates who incorporate real time, compassion, concerns, and hope into the fast-paced lifestyle of today.
Consistency can be naturally comforting as it gives us a sense of predictability and steadiness.   The thing is, Kevin and Mici found that within that consistency if they built in some flexibility, they gained not just predictability, they also found fulfillment, and they calmed that tickle in the stomach while experiencing enjoyment beyond what they ever imagined!