May 27 – Paul and Jessica – Shiawassee County

The uphill battle is the most rewarding path
Serving in the role of parents who foster is a formidable task even under the best of circumstances, and when supporting children who have survived abuse/neglect the best of circumstances rarely exist. The needs of the children and youth present in various ways, the demands placed on foster parents can be ever changing, and at times the rewards are difficult to immediately recognize.  Yet, just as with any battle that seems uphill, Jessica and Paul rally their supports, tap into their inner passion to positively impact the way children see themselves and the world, and remain focused on meeting each unique need of the children residing in the home.  The most significant reward, Jessica and Paul, are positively changing lives.
Collaboration and cooperation
Collaborations between agencies and community partners are critical vehicles through which the promise of a quality child welfare services will be fulfilled.  Jessica and Paul facilitated that collaboration between the agency and their place of worship.  They secured gifts for children in foster care during Christmas, their church provided new toys for the agency visitation rooms for all families to enjoy, as well as provided organization items, and professionally cleaned the carpets.  Paul and Jessica’s level of dedication to enhancing the lives of children extends far beyond those residing in their home.  They are foster parents who engage the community far beyond the definition of a narrow catch phrase – they work hard toward a genuine partnership of parents, foster parents, social workers, community members, and faith based leader working together and making decisions together within the child welfare field that will have a lasting impact on the future of so many children and youth! ​