May 29 – Ruthann and Bill – Bay County

Ten years of change
A lot changes in a decade.  As a community we have grown more connected through the use of social media, there has been shifts in language from writing “laugh out loud” to using “lol”, we see more khaki pants than suits in the work place, and have endured complexities related to financial markets.  For Ruthann and Bill, the last decade has also come with the complexities and promise unique to being licensed foster parents.
Beyond the ordinary
Bill, Ruthann, and the children they parent are a family who fosters and are extraordinary.  In a decade when importance has shifted toward the roles played on reality television and away from the roles played within communities, it is easy to be confused by what a true epic accomplishment looks like.  The family Ruthann and Bill have created with their biological, foster, and adopted children is an epic accomplishment.  They are family that uplifts each other, Ruthann and Bill are parents who see and nurture the unique qualities of each of the children in their home, and the children are siblings who have disagreements, yet resolve them with conversation and compromise.  They are a family that uses their farm with horses, steer/cows, and chickens to serve as a place that promotes healing, compassion, and empathy.  They engage in their local 4-H, which creates opportunities for all children to reach their full potential.
Families can be complicated, especially when involved with the Child Welfare System.  Yet, they are also comforting when acceptance, understanding, protection and respect are present.  Ruthann and Bill have spent the last decade creating and nurturing the epic accomplishment that is their family.​