May 30 – Stacey and Nikki

The reality of life
Many of us create memories, celebrate milestones, and complete action steps designed with the intention of achieving an overall goal. We tend to place an emphasis on general time makers and individual achievements. Rarely do we recognize that life, in general, is a process or fluid ~ ever moving in one direction or another. Stacey and Nikki are parents who foster knowing the overall goal is to provide temporary out of home placement for children who survive abuse or neglect. Yet, they see the overall goal as an idea of what is intended to occur balanced with openness to the reality that life isn’t prescribed.
Life as parents who foster
Nikki and Stacey are parents who foster with flexibility. They plan for unplanned challenges, obstacles, and disappointments. This flexibility allows them to support the children in their home through the process of turning unplanned moments of disappointment into moments used to build resiliency. Stacey and Nikki are parents who foster with the acceptance of what they can and cannot control within the Child Welfare System. This acceptance is what makes them exceptional partners with the agency, the court system, and team to ensure children in foster care are safe, healthy, and able to reach their full potential. Nikki and Stacey are parents who foster in the present, while being mindful of the future. They are not so focused on the overall goal or future, that they miss the joy of the present. Although hopeful each child who resides in their home achieves a permanency plan that is in their best interest, Stacey and Nikki balance that hope with the joy they feel each time a milestone is celebrated, a memory is created, and life moves forward in a fluid and positive direction.