May 6 – Fran and Stanley Grieb – Wayne County


Foster parents are an integral part of the team working to achieve permanency for children in foster care.  That permanency can come in various forms depending on various circumstances.  Despite the unknown related to the type of permanency that will inevitably be achieved, Fran and Stanley have remained consistently committed to each child’s long-term well-being and have remained strong role models while creating an environment where children thrive!

Embracing the unknown

The unknown of what can happen day-to-day and in the future can be an emotional experience for many.  The unknown faced by foster parents is managed with fortitude.  Fran and Stanly have managed those unknowns unique to parents who foster.  They have supported children in foster care and their families, who have been reunified.  They have supported children in foster care and are now moving toward adoption.  The flexibility required when meeting the needs of children, social workers, families of origin, and systems is the same flexibility Fran and Stanley use to manage the many unknowns tied to fostering.  It is their flexibility, fortitude, love, and compassion that make Fran and Stanley amazing parents who foster!