Jackie Gant, Oneida Nation

Coordinator of Native American Outreach

My name is Jackie Gant and I am proud adoptive parent of a beautiful five year old little boy, who has an array of special needs, but you would never know it. My son is persistent and motivated and he works very hard to accomplish his task at hand while giving a big bright smile. Initially, I was his foster parent who fell in love and I have been given the honor to make him a part of my family and tribal community since he was three weeks of age – “when I looked into the eyes of my son, I knew I found love”.


I received a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University, Graduate School of Education in the field of Risk & Prevention of At-Risk Youth and my life has been dedicated to working in the non-profit sector mainly with at-risk youth, mentoring, and working in the social service field for the past 15 years. With a few stops along the way in the corporate sector, legal profession and insurance field, working in Tribal Communities gives me the most joy and a sense of satisfaction in my life to know I am giving back and helping where and when I can to make our communities strong.


I am a tribal member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames, Ontario, Canada where I feel the most at home and where my extended family remains today. As a Foster Care Navigator, I look forward to working with the Tribal Communities throughout Michigan, including the Urban Community Centers, Health and Social Services Organizations, to help our tribal members navigate through the licensure process of becoming a Foster and/or Adoptive Parent. Being a foster and/or an adoptive parent to our tribal children, is a gift and honor that keeps the circle of life going.