Lisa Coleman

Relative Placement Specialist Lisa Coleman became a foster parent unexpectedly when she received a phone call that four of her grandchildren needed to be placed with her. The call came on the same day that Lisa was moving into a new home—she jokes about her grandchildren being her little roommates. While her grandchildren were living with her, Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lisa cared for her grandchildren full-time while receiving treatment. Today, Lisa is cancer-free and has been in remission for over six months. Lisa is happy to use her personal experience with the child welfare system to help other relatives who are caring for children and experiencing hardships.   Lisa is a licensed foster parent and she worked in the medical field for over 20 years. She enjoys working with people and helping the children in her community through local outreach. She also belongs to the Washtenaw County Grandparents as Parents group. Lisa has two adult children and a total of nine grandchildren, who she loves to spoil.