May 15 – Michelle and Brandon Oakland County

Family Bonds
A firm foundation and a lot of love, this is what Michelle and Brandon provide to their children.  Michelle and Brandon were foster parents who adopted a sibling group. Adopting siblings from foster care is a super fabulous option for families looking for lots of love and fun. In addition to adopting their children, Michelle and Brandon have successfully maintained contact with their children’s biological siblings that live on the other side of the state to ensure the connections and bonds remain intact.
Siblings are family, and the connection to family helps give their children their identity as well as their feeling of belonging. The sibling contact gives the children continuity with their family even when circumstances required separation from their biological parents. In their commitment to the success of their children, Michelle and Brandon have given up having a social life and put their careers on hold. They ensure the unique needs of each of their children are met, and do these things without any feelings of frustration. It is evident that their sole priority is making sure that their children are happy, healthy and loved.