Osceola County PRIDE and GROW Schedule

Referrals can be made by using the MDHHS-5619Referrals for Osceola County should be emailed to:  RR3TPRIDE@fecfamily.com


Eagle Village

5044 175th Ave

Hersey, Mi 49639

ALC – Back Conference Room

July 2020
Date Sessions Covered Start/ End Time
July 23rd 1,2,3a Prudent Parenting 5pm-10pm
July 24th 3b,4,6 Safe Sleep 5pm-10pm
July 25th 5,7,8,9 9am-5pm

Beginning August 1st, 2020 Region 3 will be piloting GROW the all new training curriculum for foster and adoptive parents. GROW will eventually replace PRIDE.  

Referrals can be made by using the MDHHS 5853 GROW.  Referrals for Osceola County should continue to be emailed to: RR3TPRIDE@fecfamily.com