May 4 – Shannon and Troy – The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians

Setting the foundation for long lasting relationships.

Serving in the role of foster parent is meant to be temporary and the commitment made by Shannon and Troy far exceeds that role description! They are faced with developing relationships with the children and youth residing in their home on a temporary basis, while also helping the child/youth maintain a relationship with their family of origin, or preparing the child for an adoptive family. Although the role they play is challenging, it is also full-filling as Shannon and Troy always maintain a wonderful bond and contact with the children who they have fostered. This bond and contact is possible because of the positive foundation in which the relationships are built upon, starting with the first meeting between foster parents and children/youth residing in the home.

Shannon and Troy have cared for many children through fostering and are well liked by the children in their care. They provide day-to-day consistency and predictability through daily care, bedtimes routines, rules, and realistic expectations. Shannon and Troy have provided the daily care and concern that parents have for their children with meals, time spent together, and just being there.

During the years, Shannon and Troy have served as foster parents, supports, and extended themselves to youth aging out of the foster care system. When children cannot safely return home to their families of origin, alternative homes are secured. As time goes by, the prospects for securing permanent homes grow dimmer for youth in foster care for various reason and many “age out” of the system when they become adults. Shannon and Troy make every effort to ensure these young adults are supported, their accomplishments and strengths are recognized, and that they posses the skills needed to reach their full potential!