May 8 – Tim & Cathy, Shiawassee County

The stories that are told

Tim and Cathy are foster parents who have provided love and care to many children over several years because they find the experience meaningful and rewarding.  Tim and Cathy recognize that the children they support will grow up to be Michigan’s next generation of employees, leaders and parents.  They are committed to being a part of helping the children and youth in foster care  become productive, thriving members of our communities – and also recognize the enhancement fostering has brought to their own lives in the process.

In their own words

Tim and Cathy state being foster parents, “means laundry, diapers and paperwork, visits, late nights and early mornings…which is very rewarding”. Those rewards come in the shape of feeling a sense of accomplishment, contributing to moments when children feel good about themselves, and taking pride in the commitment to a purposeful positive as a parent who fosters.  Tim and Cathy have done the amazing work of serving in the role of parents who foster and have truly made a lifetime of differences for so many!