In light of the COVID-19 virus and as a precautionary measure, all PRIDE trainings will be delivered in an online format at this time.  Your Regional Resource Team trainer will be reaching out to provide you with information about accessing the online training sessions. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Why choose a Foster Care Navigator?

Whether you have been a foster parent for several years or you are just inquiring about becoming a foster parent, the benefits of having a Navigator are invaluable. Our staff of navigators work with both the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and private agencies to support the continuing growth of Michigan’s foster parent population. We work to empower, educate and advocate for all individuals who wish to continue as or become foster parents. Learn more about our Foster Care Navigator team!

What is a Foster Care Navigator?

A FCN is someone who serves as liaison between current and prospective foster parents and their agency. Each FCN will mentor, through their own experience, parents navigating through the world of foster care. Learn More

Where Do I Begin?

The State of Michigan is in need of caring individuals who can provide a safe and nurturing home environment for children who have been placed out of their home due to abuse or neglect. Foster care is founded on the premise that all children have the right to physical care and educational and emotional nurturance. Learn More.

Find an Agency Near You

Please use our agency map listing to locate agencies and services in your area. Each agency can provide detailed information about how the foster care licensing process works, when orientation is scheduled and when training is available! Find an Agency.

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