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Meet The Staff


Sabrina Schor

Region 5

Foster Care Navigator

Sabrina Schor was struggling with fertility for some time. During that time her and her husband decided to get licensed as she herself had aged out of the system. While getting licensed they soon learned that they were expecting their first biological daughter. Soon after her first birthday they were finally licensed as it was during covid and took a year and a half. Soon after they took in multiple placements ranging from toddlers to teens. Their very first placement they were able to adopt and have now had him for 3 years. The other placements were reunified, while others went to live with family. They have recently completed their family and had their last biological child. Although they did close their license to take time to adapt to their new little ones, eventually they would like to open their home back up to take in teens. Sabrina’s passion has always been to be apart of the foster care system and help in anyway she can as she knows what it’s like being the child in care and the foster parent.

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