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PRIDE/GROW Training Overview

How it Works

Once you've begun working with an agency and have had your initial home visit, you will be referred by your worker to attend either PRIDE or GROW training depending on your region.

PRIDE stands for:
Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education.

GROW stands for: 
Grow culturally responsive relationships
Recognize children’s developmental needs and the impact of trauma
Obtain information and resources
Work in partnership with families to support healthy relationships

While attending training, you will be able to enjoy the company of and build relationships with other individuals and families pursuing licensure with various agencies in your area.

Training is held over the course of about 16 total hours and consists of a combination of lectures and group discussions on topics such as attachment and relationships, diversity, and the developmental needs of children in foster care. You will also receive a more in depth overview of the licensure process as well as relevant policies and procedures.

Training is a great opportunity for learning about local resources and getting connected to them!