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Rearing Resilience: Strategies for Parenting Children with Attachment Trauma (Part 1: Trauma and the Brain)

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Online - Pre-Recorded

In the first webinar in the series presented by Lauren Peabody, Trauma and the Brain, caregivers will learn the basics of attachment trauma and its impact on brain development. We will explore the most common symptoms of attachment trauma and how they manifest behaviorally in ways that can be very triggering and scary for caregivers. Caregivers will learn why and how attachment trauma influences every moment of a child’s life, including their decisions and reactions. Beginning skill level.

Intended for: Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents, Kinship Caregivers

Facilitated by: MSU School of Social Work


This is an ongoing training and is accessible online any time by clicking the "Sign Up" button above which will redirect you to the training page.

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