Daycare Assistance

Child Care Assistance

Foster children in your home qualify for child care subsidy benefits, regardless of your family’s income. However, each foster parent must have a valid need reason.

Valid needs for Child Development and Care (CDC) include:

  • Employment/Self-employment.
  • Approved Activity.
    • Employment preparation and/or training activity.
    • Post-secondary, undergraduate education.
  • High School Completion.
  • Family Preservation.
    • Court-ordered activity.
    • Treatment activity.
    • Condition being treated by a physician.
    • Children’s Protective Services/Foster Care plan activity.

Please choose your child care provider carefully. The CDC payment amount may not cover all child care expenses for your chosen provider, causing out-of-pocket expenses to vary. You will be responsible for paying any uncovered portion! Make sure to ask your provider about any costs you might incur.

Remember to complete a Provider Verification [DHS-4025]. You and the provider must both sign this document.

You may apply online at MDHHS has 30 days to process a CDC application.

**If you are inappropriately denied child care, you should follow the administrative hearing process. Details of how to initiate this process are listed on your denial letter.**

You may search for licensed child care that is a good fit for your family at


Additional information about CDC found at


Please click HERE for a webinar that walks through the process of applying for the CDC for a child in foster care.