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31 Days of Foster Care Wishes: Carolyn (Day 31)

Carolyn - Saginaw County

This full page feature includes all of the text listed in the body of this blog post as well as a photo of Saginaw. The background is blue on the left, green on the right, and purple at the bottom of the page where the logos are located.

"Carolyn has been a foster parent for more than 30 years. She ensures the safety and well-being of every child that is placed with her. She always puts the needs of children before her own, even continuing to foster following her husband's passing. Carolyn's love and dedication to children in foster care is shared by her extended family. She has encouraged and supported other family members to adopt through foster care. The size of Carolyn's heart is immeasurable."

To view Carolyn's original feature on our Facebook page, click HERE.

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