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31 Days of Foster Care Wishes: Charles and Danette (Day 22)

Charles and Danette - Monroe County

This full page feature includes all of the text listed in the body of this blog post as well as a photo of Charles and Danette. The background is blue on the left, green on the right, and purple at the bottom of the page where the logos are located.

"A child was placed with Charles and Danette wen she entered care and they became very bonded. However, when a relative came forward to care for the child, Charles and Danette knew it was best for her to be with family, if possible. Despite the mutual heartbreak, the child was placed out of state with the relative for adoption. Throughout the whole process of her moving and getting adjusted, Charles and Danette remained involved in the child's care and offered assistance and support to the relative. The relative eventually requested that she be moved because of her severe mental health and behavior concerns. Charles and Danette were immediately there for her and traveled to bring her back to Michigan. They have always shown a deep love and concern for the child's overall wellbeing and have gone above and beyond to achieve what is best for her. They have exemplified commitment and dedication to the child's long-term care."

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