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31 Days of Foster Care Wishes: Debbie and Mark (Day 28)

Debbie and Mark - Hillsdale County

This full page feature includes all of the text listed in the body of this blog post as well as a photo of Debbie and Mark. The background is blue on the left, green on the right, and purple at the bottom of the page where the logos are located.

"Debbie and Mark have compassion that knows no bounds, accepting into their care children with terminal medical concerns. Any time they had space in their home, they accepted medically fragile children who faced being placed in institutional care.

Debbie and Mark employ professional staff to assist with the children's medical care so that they can focus on providing emotional and social support. They regularly plan trips in their motor home so that everyone who is able to travel can have as normal a life experience as possible.

Recently, Debbie and some of her staff took the girls in the home on a Color Run. This was a challenge, as two of the girls are wheelchair bound. But Debbie and her staff 'wouldn't have missed it for the world'. Debbie shared her excitement, 'If you could have seen the looks on their faces, AND MINE!' She laughed while telling this story and shed a few tears of joy as well."

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