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Day Eight of 31 Wishes

During a statewide search, Laura’s licensing agency was unable to locate a placement for an 8-year-old non-verbal child with autism.  Although Laura was out-of-state caring for her son who had been in a motorcycle accident, she was able to help coordinate placement of the child in another licensed foster home until she could return to Michigan. 

Prior to placement being made with her, Laura obtained sensory items, a language acquisition program, and services with a dietician.  She also installed a swing in her family room for the child to calm himself.  Since she began caring for the child, Laura has gone above and beyond to set him up for success.  She has obtained daycare, coordinated training from the school district for daycare staff and has helped the child develop routines, including bus and school transitions, to make things easier for the child.  

The child in Laura’s home has flourished!  He is now dresses himself, eats a healthy choice of foods, uses cue cards, and makes eye contact with her.  It is extraordinary to witness the impact Laura has made in this young child's life!      


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