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Day Four of 31 Wishes

Christopher and Samantha accepted their first      placement in May 2021.  The child had a lot of                behavior outbursts at first, many of which lasted for 6 hours or more.  Nighttime was difficult for the child, often triggering many of the trauma responses in the middle of the night.  A year later, the child is thriving! 

Christopher and Samantha’s communication with the agency and the child’s mother has made it possible to work through challenging times and celebrate the good times.  They have built a relationship with the mother and have been a huge support for her.  They have demonstrated their support for reunification, including her               participation in important appointments and life events such as surgery and birthday parties and sharing videos and pictures of the child. 

During the Christmas holiday season, they were incredibly thoughtful and considerate of the mother and child, creating and sharing the child’s Amazon wish list with the mother.  Then they wrapped all gifts from the mother with a distinct wrapping       paper.  Christopher and Samantha also had a    special present for the mother that was picked out by the child and shared during their Christmas morning video with her.  The special touches made Christmas extra special for all of them

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