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Allyson: Family Photo

Allyson: A Magical Foster Journey

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Allyson Reid and her husband have welcomed seven children into their home since becoming foster parents in 2015, a journey Allyson calls rewarding and enriching.

Jonathan: Family Photo

Jonathan: Fostering Personal Growth

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Jonathan, a father of 10 including children he adopted, said his foster care journey has been fun, challenging, inspiring, enlightening and everything in-between.

Kathy: Family Photo

Kathy: Second-Generation Foster Parent

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Kathy says fostering and adopting have been positive influences in her life for as long as she can remember.

portrait of Jen and Denny

From Fear to Success

Connor Robinson

Jen and Denny were first turned onto fostering by a good friend who was a Foster Care Navigator. After several years of prodding, they felt they were ready to jump in and have been fostering since 2017.

portrait of Denise and Jim

13 Years Beyond Relative Caregiving

Connor Robinson

Denise and Jim call themselves “seasoned”, and after 13 years of fostering, who wouldn’t? What began as a journey to adopt their biological grandson has grown into a very busy household with two adopted children and four foster children.

diverse group of 23 people standing together for a photo

Recruitment is a Community Effort

Connor Robinson

Are there specific recruitment strategies that have been most effective in Michigan? TL:DR – YOU! This is a bit of a hard one, since each part of the state functions a little differently, and thus will have more/less effective strategies depending on location.