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portrait of Denise and Jim

13 Years Beyond Relative Caregiving

Connor Robinson

Denise and Jim call themselves “seasoned”, and after 13 years of fostering, who wouldn’t? What began as a journey to adopt their biological grandson has grown into a very busy household with two adopted children and four foster children.

diverse group of 23 people standing together for a photo

Recruitment is a Community Effort

Connor Robinson

Are there specific recruitment strategies that have been most effective in Michigan? TL:DR – YOU! This is a bit of a hard one, since each part of the state functions a little differently, and thus will have more/less effective strategies depending on location.

Portrait of Jamie and Andrew

Fostering Through Their Fears, Finding Support and Love

Connor Robinson

Small, but mighty, Jamie and Andrew’s family is growing in both size and strength through foster care. After enduring the loss of a miscarriage and the heartache of infertility, Jamie and Andrew weren’t ready to give up on their dream of growing their family and turned to adoption.

multiple hands joined together in a circle

Assemble The Team

Connor Robinson

In most action movies you’ll find a similar formula: a situation arises, and the main character assembles a team of trusted allies to achieve their goals – que team assembly montage.

a family sits together on a couch for a photo

Renewing Family Bonds

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A parent’s story

view of a book open and being read

Life Book Tip

FCNP Web Updates

Life Book- Tips