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Family and children with DHHS Logo and FCN logo

Day Sixteen of 31 Wishes

Erin and Justin are the model foster family.  Although they have three biological children and two adopted children, they continue to welcome children into their home while maintaining full-time jobs. 

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Day Fifteen of 31 Wishes

Nick and Holly embody the model foster family, including the child placed with them into their family and also taking steps to ensure she can maintain a relationship with her sister who is place

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Day Fourteen of 31 Wishes

When David and Greg began the licensing process, they had never been parents before and only wanted to foster one child.  However, while they continued the process, an unlicensed relative needed respite

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Day Thirteen of 31 Wishes

Katlin and Rachel are amazing foster parents and outstanding advocates.  They go above the call of duty requesting service providers, medical treatment, and higher educational support for the child plac

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Day Twelve of 31 Wishes

Claire became licensed with hopes of fostering one Muslim youth.  Soon after she was licensed, she agreed to accept placement of a 3 youth who are refugees from Afghanistan.  Going from be

Family and children with DHHS Logo and FCN logo

Day Ten of 31 Wishes

Anne and Jim never hesitate to accept a placement when they believe it will be a good fit for their family and the child, and they go the extra mile for each child they have welcomed into their home.  T