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Day Five of 31 Wishes

Jan has been a consistent, positive support for the child placed in her home.  She is the type of person and foster parent who leaves you thinking to yourself, "I sure wish we had more Jans in this worl

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Day Four of 31 Wishes

Christopher and Samantha accepted their first      placement in May 2021.  The child had a lot of                behavior outbursts at first, many of which lasted for 6 hours or more.  Nighttime

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Day Three of 31 Wishes

Tony and Sondra have made an impact on the lives of children who have entered their home. Their first long- term placement was that of two nonverbal toddlers with significant trauma.

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Day Two of 31 Wishes

Alysha and Terry have had the goal of keeping siblings together from Day 1 and have gone above and beyond to do so.  Ten months after taking in 2 brothers, they welcomed the third sibling into t

Two adults with DHHS and FCN logos for 31 Wishes

Day 1 of 31 Wishes

Paul and Karen are incredibly dedicated to caring for their grandchildren.

Foster, Adoptive, Kinship, and Birth Parent Training 2022

Michigan State University School of Social Work

In an exciting venture with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the MSU School of Social Work is pleased to present opportunities for training specific to all caregivers engaged with the Michigan child welfare system.