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Two adults with FCN and DHHS logos

Day Twenty-Eight of 31 Wishes

Sabrina is a pro at caring for children with special needs such as autism.  In addition to the child she is caring for, she has his family in mind and tries to keep them connected, even when parenting v

Family and children with DHHS Logo and FCN logo

Day Twenty-Seven of 31 Wishes

Bryan and Christy have been foster parents for many years and have fostered ten children. They are very supportive of reunification and placing children with their relatives.

Two adults and child. DHHS Logo and FCN logo

Day Twenty-Six of 31 Wishes

It would take A LOT to scare Ralph and Rose!  They accept children who others will not.  After six failed placements, Ralph and Rose cared for a child diagnosed with autism.  While in their home

Adult with DHHS Logo and FCN logo

Day Twenty-Five of 31 Wishes

Faith is an extra ordinary foster parent who provides care for 3 children with special needs and has been fully committed to providing them with a loving home, proper care, education, and services

Family and children with DHHS Logo and FCN logo

Day Twenty-Four of 31 Wishes

James and Amey began their foster care journey as relative caregivers in 2010.  It wasn’t long before the two opened their hearts and home to unrelated children.  They have cared for over twenty childre

Three adults with FCN and DHHS logos

Twenty-Three Days of 31 Wishes

Robert & Leasa are relative caregivers who have advocated tirelessly for their grandchildren’s needs despite significant challenges and difficulties.  They have remained patient and dedicate